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5 Tips to improve your communication skills during your incentives

The following analysis and figure out come from one of the most popular neuroanalist: John Medina. In his book “Brain Rules” Dr John Medina explain how the brain works and translate it into practical tips. We select for you some of his advice for improving communication skills in order to ensure you a great success for your next incentives in Spain or even for your everyday life.

Advice #1: Making sports exercise boosts your brainpower.
As a muscle, brain needs oxygen. More you make sport more the oxygen flow will increase. Making sport exercise improves yours cognition and your memory

Advice #2: Sleep well means think well.
A good night sleep allowed you to be more concentrate during the day. Have you ever feel tired during the afternoon? It’s because your brain need it. Taking a nap during the afternoon increase the productivity of your brain.

Advice #3: Repeat for you to remember
Have you ever forget something that you said 30 seconds before? Memories are so volatile, thus you have to repeat for you to remember.

Advice #4: Male and female brains work different.
Men and women appreciate emotions differently and the emotion is the key of the attention. Women brains will pay more attention to detail and men brains will take the information in whole.

Advice #5: Visual memory trumps all of our senses
We can call this “the power of the picture”, human remember better picture than text, it is proven. Use meaningful picture is better than using text. So… change your PowerPoint 😉

If you want to learn more about this topic, RTA invites you to consult www.brainrules.net/

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