Fair and Festival of Pedro Romero, Ronda

Event details

  • Monday | 31 August, 2015 to Saturday | 5 September, 2015
  • Ronda
  • +34 93 4776227

The most important fair of Ronda has its origin at the city quarter of San Francisco. Since more than hundred years, the fair took place at the traditional dates of September 8th, 9th and 10th, and organized by the neighbors of the Almocabar Gate, the Laurel’s Castle and the Convent of San Francisco, and using the name of the Chapel of Nuestra Señora de Gracia. On august, 25th, 1881, the fair moved to the market’s quarter, the same place where the May Fair was taking also place.

At the second half of august the first events announcing the coming Fair are organized, like some Theater performances, the Fair’s Opening Speech, the presentation of the Goyaesque Ladies – real stars of the Fair -, the Flamenco singing Festival, several sports competitions…

When the first week of September arrives, the great Ronda’s festive week arrives. At these dates, Ronda’s neighbors and visitors are invited to enjoy of a colorful city, plenty of music, dance, singing, wines and, specially, its people, “very good people” as the Andalusian people say. Ronda offers its best and shows to everyone a great number of cultural and enjoy options. Touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight are activated and it is possible to enjoy the spring for a second time during some days.

Everything is joy, everything life, everything shines, everything jumps. Made of liquid and round the table, the golden waves run said the poet Salvador Rueda. Everything is colours and glances, noises and shouts, laughs, joy and dance.

But that’s not all !! The Carriage’s Contest and the Ronda’s Horse Bullfighting still wait for visitors and Ronda’s neighbors. The gold looking iron attachments of the horses, the magnificent saddlery works, the leather handmade boots and trousers of the riders, the little bells of the horses making an art curtain sounding like a symphony of the carriages and horse.