Feria del Caballo – Horse Fair in Jerez

detalles del evento

  • sábado | 2 mayo, 2015a sábado | 9 mayo, 2015
  • +34 93 4776227

As usual Jerez celebrates the spring with a Horse Fair, one of the most important events in Spain. Just one week after the Feria of Seville and before El Rocío. Its origins are in the medieval ages, during one week farmers gathered to sell and buy animals, in Jerez mainly horses, usually drinking sherry to celebrate the deals. Nowadays it is celebrated in Parque González Hontoria (Jerez) and the fair offers a unique atmosphere complementary to the equestrian & flamenco activities,
The Feria is divided in two parts. One is a kind of small village; with streets that have bars and restaurants at both sides (these restaurants are called Casetas). The other is a Theme Park/carnival style area where kids and adults can have fun on different rides such as roller coasters, bumper cars etc…