Festival of San Juan Alicante

detalles del evento

  • lunes | 22 junio, 2015
  • Calle San Juan, Plaza del Ayuntamiento and La Atalaya, Castro Urdiales
  • +34 93 4776227

Bonfires burn all over Spain on the Day of Saint John, and the historic seaside town of Castro Urdiales is no exception. On the night of 23 June, a great blaze lights the sky at La Atalaya, the watchtower, marking the start of festivities. There is dancing on the main square preparatory to the main events on the following day. A football tournament is one of the attractions but the main event is the carnival-style procession with grotesque giants, music and costume parades. It is a popular day in which the people of the town celebrate the beginning of summer.