Semana Grande Asta Nagusia in Bilbao

detalles del evento

  • sábado | 15 agosto, 2015a domingo | 23 agosto, 2015

The Great Week of Bilbao is the main festival of Bilbao in the Basque Country which is celebrated annually over the following 9 days from 15 August. There are fiestas in honour of the Virgin de Begonia.

Bilbao is the setting for concerts, shows, theatre, fireworks and children’s activities at different points in the city, such as Plaza Nueva square, Bizkaia, Unamuno and Encarnación squares, and the Urbitarte and Arenal wharves.

The speeches and «chupinazo» (fireworks) to open the celebrations will take place from the Arriaga theatre.

There will also be a programme of bullfights at the Vista Alegre bullring, including a horseback bullfight and eight normal bullfights.