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Barcelona, ​​preferred by European for a city break

Spanish tourists are more prone to last minute offers, according to a study by Travelzoo.

Spain remains one of the favorite destinations for French, German and British tourist, according to a survey by the online publications editor Travelzoo among its subscribers. Although for most of them local tourism is the first choice, Barcelona is favored by Europeans when it comes to making a city break in another country. For the Spanish, the first choice is London and is followed by Amsterdam and Berlin.

The study, conducted among more than 5,500 subscribers in Spain, Germany, France and the UK, shows that two out of three Europeans will make at least two trips in the coming months. The rest does not anticipate any, but recognizes that, if presented with a good deal, might change their mind.

The survey shows that travelers of each country have its own peculiarities when it comes to organizing their holiday. In this sense, although one in four urban destinations preferred over beach stay or adventure travel, British and Germans often spend much of their time at resorts, emerging sporadically for tours. The Spanish, however, on vacation, spend most of their time outside the resort.

With regard to a bed, Spaniards and Germans opt for the option of bed and breakfast; French for half board, and the British «all inclusive”. The survey also detected differences about the season chose. Other European, showing some flexibility in choosing the holiday season, 70% of the Spanish, holds to the tradition of traveling in summer. In addition, they are more likely to hire Europeans last minute deals.

Finally, there are differences in regard to the average expenditure per person on a long trips (considered from six days), for the Germans and British budget is one thousand euros, while the French and Spanish is between 600 and 700 euros.

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