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Barcelona World: The European Las Vegas Project!

Barcelona and its surrounding have historically been an attractive area for international investment. Since the late of the nineteenth century, a large number of foreigners companies chose Catalonia to set up theirs factories. This industrial investment has contributed to Barcelona becoming an important business headquarters. Thanks to its competitive advantages, Catalonia develops its tourism infrastructure and established itself as leader on the tourism market.

Unfortunately, the current economic crisis and the appearance of emerging market slow down the international investment flow and affect the regional economy. For these reasons and in order to enhance the development of Catalonia regions, the idea of Barcelona World was set up.

Based on the American Dream, the project wishes to be very ambitious. The complex will include six themed parks, six hotels totaling 12,000 rooms, casinos, waterpark, golf courses, beach club, convention center, theaters, offices, malls, restaurants, swimming pools, sports facilities and other ongoing projects.

This huge leisure center will extend on 825 hectares and will be located near the Port Aventura theme park in the town of Salou at one hour from Barcelona, near the Reus Airport and ten minutes from Tarragona.

From the perspective that the tourism sector is the main industry of Catalunya, this project of 4 700 000 000 euros fits into the objective to be one of the international leading tourism destinations.

This new Spanish Las Vegas is planned for the late of 2016, with the hope of attracting many foreign companies to celebrate their Events, Incentive Trips and Conventions and bring more economic wealth to this region.

We invite you to dream the American Dream with us…it’s free of charge!

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