Corporate Social and Environmental Responsability

The RTA management is aware that the future is not possible without a sustainable business model, integrating social, environmental and economic criteria.
We will strive to make the smallest possible impact on the environment, fauna and cultures during the development of our activities.

In the field of Social Responsibility:

We collaborate with social institutions which exemplify the commitment of RTA Group with some underprivileged sectors.
In our events in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona for example, we collaborate with an NGO that collects and donates all the food leftover of the catering to soup kitchens in the city and we also work with a catering that was been created by an NGO that help underprivileged communities with their reinsertion into society by offering them a dignified employment.

In the field of Environmental Care:

We incorporate the principles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and seek to promote responsible and sustainable tourism in the destinations where we operate; minimizing actions that can generate climate change, ensuring the welfare of our employees, customers, partners, suppliers and the community.
In particular we work with a lot of suppliers who struggle for a sustainable economy, recycle as much waste as possible and support the use of renewable raw materials instead of fossil. We help to protect the natural environment offering reforestation and environmental preservation activities and we collaborate with several animal welfare organizations supporting their serious and necessary work in the rescue of abandoned or abused animals in Spain.





“Amigos of Abandoned Animals”, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping and protecting abandoned animals , offering them dignified shelter while they seek a home for them since 1991.


The World’s Largest Service Club Organization – that helps with unmatched integrity and energy in their local communities and around the world.

incentives madridMADRID HELP HORSES

Saving the Spanish horses! Madrid Help Horses Association is a non-profit organization in the “Sierra Norte” of Madrid, founded in Madrid in 2014, in response to the high number of horses that suffer neglect and abuse.


The Lupus and Autoimmune Diseases Association was created in 1991 in Málaga, in order to spread the knowledge about these special patologies, to advance the scientific researches and above all , to make people, who suffer this diseases, feel better and improve their quality of life.


Since 1966, a non-profit organization dedicated to defending and protecting all types of animals and plants using all possible legal means. Offers also shelter to animals while they seek a home for them.


Equoevento España is a non-profit organization, founded by young professionals all around Europe.
The NGO aims to reducing food waste during events, through the recovery of surplus food and its donation to charities.




Make your direct donation with solidary activities for YOUR event!

We invite you to include group activities in your events, increasing the price of the activity per person for example in 2,-€ (or the amount you wish), as a donation that will go directly to a specific spanish non-profit organization that you or your client can choose in between a list of organizations (helping children in need, handicapped, special diseases association (cancer, lupus, etc), soup kitchens, animals, trees, ….).

We also like the idea that the “points” that the group gathers overcoming the different tests of the activity, could be directly an amount in KG of food or money for the chosen organization. Like this we get involved each participant who will be working hard to get as much points as possible to help.

Your group will enjoy their activity and at the same time they will make happy a social institution in need of support that YOU have chosen!

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