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Books and Roses Day in Barcelona

The day of love, roses and books – today Barcelona is celebrating the catalonian equivalent to Valentine’s Day: Sant Jordi day.

Hundreds of book and rose stalls are set up along the streets and squares and  people are strolling around to search a gift for their beloved ones, family or friends.

The beautiful springlike weather today makes it a perfect day to enjoy this picturesque sight in Barcelona! Join the festivity of Sant Jordi and experience yourself how literature and romance can be combined in an interesting way.

It is the day to commemorate Sant Jordi, which is the catalan name of Saint George. The legend about him is known worldwide: Saint George was a hero, who killed a dragon to save a beautiful princess. Afterwards he plucked a red rose from the same spot where the dragons red blood has been shed and gave it to her.

However, today is not only a day where people commemorate Saint George. It is also a day of commemoration for two famous authors that died on the 23rd of April: Miguel de Cervantes and Shakespeare. This explains why  not only roses but also books are given away. The 23rd was declared as Book Day and coincedes with Rose Day, where men give women roses and women give men books.

RTA Group as DMC in Spain Event & Incentive Travel Organisers warmly invites you to experience Sant Jordi day in Barcelona!


Happy Sant Jordi day!! Feliç Diada de Sant Jordi!! 

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