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Ecotukbcn: eco transportation ideal for incentives in Barcelona

Nowadays, the concept of sustainable development becomes more and more important. Like most of the sectors, DMC’s are living this mutation: the green thinking. Adapting the way to produce and work-style according to the environment is becoming an important economic challenge for businesses.

In RTA, we perfectly understood the issue and we are continually looking for ways in which we can offer unique and sustainable incentives. Whatever you want: incentives, gala, product launching, business travels: Your DMC in Spain will always find the best solution for you and the environment.

Discover with us the city in a famous Tuktuk: Ecotukbcn is a 100% electric transportation, similar to the popular Indian Tuktuk but improved in an eco friendly way. Perfectly adapted for sightseeing or short transfers, we can organise your incentives in Barcelona with this unique and eco friendly transportation. The best organisation with the most respectful solution, that’s what RTA Group offer to you!

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