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El Nacional – a new culinary star rises in Barcelona

El Nacional” is a culinary project that opened in Barcelona just three weeks ago: 2.600 square meters dedicated to fresh products, national cuisine and cocktails from the Iberian peninsula. Located right between Passeig de Gràcia, the most iconic and luxurious street in Barcelona, and Carrer de Pau Claris, this area can become the most exciting gastronomical experience of the city.

The huge space, formerly a parking lot, will work as a dining venue organized by food categories for all tastes: fish, meat, snacks, sweets, cocktails and drinks, as well as an oyster & champagne bar. To complete the project, there’s an annex space with a terrace and a coffee shop / tea room, together with a gourmet shop where they will sell all the products served inside.

Lázaro Rosa-Violán, one of the most sought-after interior designers of our time, was hired to reincarnate the Barcelona of the 30s and 40s in a relaxed, cosmopolitan and trendy atmosphere.

The creative director for this project is the entrepreneur Lluís Cañadell, promoter of the iconic Boca Grande Restaurant, who for years pondered to open a Barcelonian equivalent to the San Miguel Market in Madrid. In his search for investment partners last July Cañadell presented his idea to SB Grup, a real estate and hotel group, who was keen to undertake this unique and innovative project. SB Grup owns 75 percent of the business, Cañadell 25 percent. An investment of six million euros was made to realize the idea.

Subirats Gerard, CEO and vice president of SB Grup says: «The creativity of Cañadell combined with our ability to conceptualize these ideas has resulted in a project that is a commitment to the classic cuisine of the Iberian Peninsula and we want to make the local Barcelonese proud of what we have created”.

Unique to the concept is the idea of finding all specialties of the Spanish cuisine united under one roof – not in a fast-food type style, but in a classy, trendy environment. The customers, depending on what they desire from their visit, can head to different areas: on the right, a space for faster dishes, based on snacks and sweet preparations with a large space dedicated to Basque pinchos and rice. To the left of the hall, two different corners, one dedicated to meat one to. Both being open presented for the guests to choose from. This area is the only one that offers reserved spots for pre-bookings as well. The center aisle of the hall is dominated by the bars. Three in total offer a great selection of local and international beers, wines, cocktails with a special area for cava, champagne and oysters.

The restaurant will seat a total of 770 clients and features another specialty which sets it apart from others. The opening times are from 12 noon till 3am every day of the year. This gives the visitors to fully enjoy the countless cultural offers of Barcelona evening and to live the vivid city to its extend without having to pass on a real culinary experience.

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