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ElBulli comes back

ElBulli, “the most influential molecular restaurant of the world”, located on the Costa Brava in Catalonia, will become a research creative center. After 2years of reflection’s period, Ferran Adrià, the head chief and the symbol of the international success of the restaurant set up the final idea: the foundation ElBulli, a cultural foundation designed to keep ElBulli’s name alive.

After the closure the 11th July 2011, the restaurant will reopen as a creative gastronomic center, which regroups the ElBulli DNA, ElBulli 1846 and the ElbulliPedia.

An amazing culinary incentive in Spain for our gourmet customer.

The ElBulli DNA is the original ElBulli building transformed into a space that will stage a permanent exhibition, which presents a narrative to help understand its historical and culinary evolution.

ElBulli 1846 is the cooking laboratory; the new name was chosen based on the number of recipes (1846) that were created throughout the years in the original restaurant. The research workshop will host «40 people from around the world, from cooks to designers to architects», Adrià said, «We will work on efficiency and innovation and the final result will be about cooking and will be published on the Internet.»

The third project is the ElBullipedia, a creative archive that will organize and classify the body of knowledge of the history of cooking. The aim is to give creative stimulus to chefs around the world.

Ferran Adrià has already announced his world tour to promote the project of the ElBullifoundation and have plans the opened of the center for March 2016.

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