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The capital of Catalonia, located in the north-west Mediterranean coast, is without doubt the most economically active city of Spain and has always proved his desire to be modern, to follow the latest international trends and even to lead it. In 1992, the Olympic Games in Barcelona had a great impact on the region’s economy, making Barcelona’s region one of the most important European economic centers. The city is also well known as the Modernism cradle with an important historical heritage from earlier periods. This economic dynamism make sure that Barcelona has a real potential as incoming destination.

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The metropolis is fully equipped to host meetings, incentives and conventions. It is one of the cities in Europe and the world which host the greatest number of international congresses. Barcelona gets the fifth position in the ICCA ranking and seventh position in the UIA ranking for the year 2012. Leading multinationals choose Barcelona for their conventions and product presentations. Furthermore, in recent years, Barcelona has proved itself to be one of Europe’s most attractive and dynamic cities, and this has made of it one of the preferred incentive  destinations.

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Perfectly located on the north-eastern coast of the Peninsula, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this city offers one of the best weather conditions in Spain. The localization has a Subtropical Mediterranean climate, with its wild winters and warm summers. The Atlantic wind reaches the area with low humidity, ensuring few rains all year long.

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This event planner destination offers a wide range of landscape and natural spot: in fact, with its sixty-six public parks that cover 10% of the city area, its seven beaches, its mountains, makes Barcelona a balanced city to live. For the nature lover, the surrounding of Barcelona has many possibilities for organizing natural excursions and outdoor activities.

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The International Airport of Barcelona El Prat is located only 12 km from Barcelona city center, Girona Airport takes around 1 hour drive from the city of Barcelona and from Reus Airport it takes 1 hour to Barcelona. The harbor is a reference in Europe and counts with 7 Cruise Terminals. These many possibilities make the city open to the international and easy to access.

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The city has a wide range of options for organizing any kind of incoming events: with 65.000 hotel rooms in Barcelona it is definitely one of the biggest offer in Europe. The city counts with 3 Congress Centers: Palacio de Congresos de Barcelona which belongs to the Trade Fair, Palau de Congresos de Catalunya situated at the Diagonal next to Hotel Juan Carlos I and the CCIB Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona which can host up to 15 000 persons.