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Fam trip in Jerez during the “feria del caballo”

From 16th to 18th May RTA organized a fam trip in Jerez (Andalusia) with italian clients where we had the opportunity to attend to the mythic “Feria del caballo”. This year the event took places between the 11th and the 18th May; let’s have an overview on it.

Located in Jerez, a little city well known for its wine industry and more precisely its sherry production, the festival is one of the most important celebrations in Jerez de la Fontera. It has an international recognition and is also declared as international interest celebration.

Its origin came from the medieval ages, during one week farmers gathered to sell and buy animals, by the way they drunk sherry for celebrating the deals. At the Feria de Jerez all the casetas are public, so anyone can just walk into any one and enjoy the food, drinks, and dancing.

In the casetas, throughout the day and night, people drinks fino sherry, and in more recent years a new trend is to mix the fino with lemonade and ice cubes creating a cocktail commonly known as Rebujito.

The feria’s experience was amazing and gives to RTA group plenty of Incentive Ideas that we will develop just for you.

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