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Feira Franca in Pontevedra, a come-back to the middle-age.

Pontevedra, one of the most important cities of Galicia, turns itself into a medieval town during the first weekend of September. Traditional market, epic battles, knights, sword plays, archery games and the reconstruction of a medieval city is waiting for you.

On the first hand, the festival is based on a privilege granted by the King Henry IV in 1467. This agreement allows holding a free tax market fifteen days before and fifteen days after the 24th August, the feast of Saint Bartholomew.

On the other hand, the Feira Franca coincided with the wealthy period of the city that lasted until the end of the sixteenth century. Fishing and trade were the most important pillars of economic development and they participated on the prosperity of the region.

La Feira Franca in Pontevedra reappeared in the early twenty-first century. In the large medieval market handicrafts, gastronomy, wine and other historical things coincide with the traditional atmosphere and architecture of this old city. A lot of residents, visitors and foreigners are competing for the originality of the medieval dresses, skills and arts.

Of course, entertainments, shows and special medieval events will take place from Friday morning until Saturday night. Within a week-end, be ready to taste specialties from medieval ages and live as your ancestors did.

This feria is open: everybody can sell item and participate to the games. There is only one rule: be dress up as a nobleman or a poor farmer, make your choice! RTA DMC in Spain can provide you the fancy disguise that you need and plan your “come-back to the middle age”.


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