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Holy Week 2015 in Spain

And the light of Holy Week 2015 has finally come into Spain: The light of the Holy Week (in spanish Semana Santa) that everyone was waiting for the whole year. The light of burning candles, mournful trumpets, drums and elaborately decorated floats. The light that children are awaiting excitedly in the first row of the crowd to watch the processions that create an other-wordly ambience, which can transport even the most casual observer to another time and place.

This year we had the pleasure that the weather aligned itself perfectly with the celebration.

Semana Santa is the anual christian commemoration of the passion, fall and rise of Jesus of Nazareth. Even in times of strong consumerism this spirit has never been deteriorated. Carrying out Semana Santa means, particularly for andalusian people, carrying out the authentic history of spain. The celebrations are not only for religious people, it is also a cultural and social event: Cities of Andalusia are solemnly decorated, people of all age go on the streets, Brotherhoods feel connected by carrying out together this unique tradition every year).

This year has turned out to be a special year since, regarding the wonderful summerlike weather, all brotherhoods are able to walk everyday through the streets from the 29th of March until the 5th of April. The terraces of bars and restaurants in the city and on the are full of people, excited to see one of the most important celebrations of the year.

RTA Group warmly invites you to experience and live Semana Santa in Cadiz, Malaga or Sevilla, the towns of Andalusia most famous for its celebrations!

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