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Hotel Hesperia Tower offers “The Dome” the perfect location for your private events!

The Dome in Barcelona perfect for Events

The Dome offers a spectacular view and it also holds a top-class space, ideal for a unique event. With a spectacular glass dome measuring 24 meters and with 250 squares meters located on the top of the Hesperia Tower hotel in Barcelona, this globe of glass is mounted on a substructure of steel and aluminum 105 meters off the ground and his place is perfect for the weather conditions: no rain, clear sunlight and a maximum wind speed of 12 km/hour. The event will be holding on the 29th floor of the Hesperia Tower. This very special space offers an amazing 360 degree view of Barcelona. The Dome provides also events for more or less 120 guests for a cocktail, 100 guests for a buffet and 70 guests in banquet disposition.

RTA can organize your special event in this stunning location!

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