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Incentives in Ibiza, the most selective destination

Ibiza, the most selective incentive destination

Our project manager Laura Barbieri was in Ibiza for 3 days during a Famtrip. The Gran Ibiza Hotel organized it and we had opportunity to get in touch with new local suppliers and explore new venues…

Question: Why should companies held their Incentive trips in Ibiza?

Answer: I was astonished by the polyvalence of the island. With its relaxed atmosphere, good vibes and a large range of offer, Ibiza matches with all kind of incentive needs.

It is famous for natural environment and quietness, but not only for this. Ibiza provides a wide offer in venues, team building activities and many possibilities to build creative event. Its three hundred days of sunshine per year, its proximity from all major European Airports and excellent flight connections make the destination perfect for international events.
I would recommend Ibiza for my clients who are looking for high standard service and an exceptional experience.

Question: For which kind of incentives can you recommend Ibiza?
Answer: All kind of high standard Incentives could be organized in Ibiza. During my trip, I realized that everything is possible; there are no limits in this destination. The diversities of atmosphere and possibilities are perfect for those clients who are looking for a special and a unique touch. In fact, this destination already organizes many original and international events.

Question: What was your first perception of Ibiza?

Answer: I had a positive perception of Ibiza: it’s authentic historical centre, relaxing beaches, huge range of shopping facilities, natural spots; make the destination unique.

I noticed that local people were especially welcoming, they were open-minded, casual, and it was very easy to make contact with them. The good nightlife and authentic lifestyle makes Ibiza to a fun destination.
I quickly understood that Ibiza has a lot of potential, it’s a combination of pure nature and unlimited possibilities for our clients.

Question: What was so special about the venues that you have seen during your famtrip?

Answer: The Venues are all different but the idea of high standard is recurrent.
I was positively surprised by the diversity and the originality of the offer. From the fresh beach club “Chiringuito” at playa Cavallet to the extravagant “Lio Club” with its impressive show, there is a big gap, but the uniqueness and the quality that I looked for was always there.

In few words, I would describe the venues of Ibiza as various, precious and unique.

Question: What is the best time to organize an incentive in Ibiza?

Answer: It’s tricky, Ibiza works like a summer destination that means that between the low and the high season the population multiplies by twenty. During the summer months the population explodes. The best time to organize an incentive in Ibiza is just before and after high season in April, May, September and October.

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