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Incentives & Motivation: Team building activities

In this post, RTA your DMC in Spain thought for you. Because the motivation of your team belongs to your main managerial issue; we investigated the topic in order to offer you great incentives in Spain and the best team building activities with a special relation with spanish territory and traditions.

First of all, we can describe the team building as a lever of improvement in performance and efficiency in the daily management. The relationships between incentives, motivation and performance are tried, tested and true.

This tool optimizes the work relation by providing relevant groups rallies and activities, away from the usual professional environment. From the sport to the artistic activities; the objectives are the same, create group cohesion and generating a positive mood in the everyday work-life.

The positive effects of team building during incentives are many: strengthen the cohesion and confidence fosters the collaboration and communication, unleash the potential of creativity and finally promote flexibility and humility.

But some team building activities run out of steam, others are gaining ground. Let‘s have a look on it:

1) The increase of the multi-content & original incentives

Motivating and uniting employees remains a priority for businesses, especially when the company has the need to strengthen the links between employees because of the key stage. In result, team building activities are spreading on the MICE market. The offer is becoming more and more diversified with a large range of creative and original suggestions during incentives in Spain.

2) The begin of the digital incentives

With the Y, the generation born between 1980 and 1994, the team building activities and incentives travel are not regard in the same way. How to reconcile this IT generation with traditional events? Big firms had great ideas and showed how it may be possible; nevertheless, many are still cautious.

3) Infancy of the participative incentives

The demands of companies in terms of team building are high team spirit stimulation and build up of standing together conscience. Also, the social responsibility CSR of the company is encountering a growing success. From this perspective, the corporate have to be well integrated in the society and respect its several stakeholders. By the way, we observe the development of sustainable events, called green incentives.

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