Dedication, imagination and passion!

The history of RTA started in summer 1988 when Maria-Grazia Dotti, an Italian-born decided to build her business, after 15 years of experience working for Italian, French and Spanish tour operators and incoming agencies in Spain.

She remembers that many incoming agencies were mainly involved as holiday and leisure tour operators, but very few local DMC’s were specialized on land arrangements for groups and business travellers.

At that moment, the company had already grown inside Spain hosting groups in Marbella, Seville, Granada, Madrid and – very important, Barcelona. In fact, after the 1992 Olympics, Barcelona became the “shooting star” and few years later, the destination was known all over Europe as a trendy city that holiday, culture and business travellers wanted to visit.

Subsequently, RTA opened an office in Barcelona in 2001 under the management of Jonathan Schmitt-Dotti, who had lived since his childhood the day-by-day life of incoming tourism through his parents. The values of a family business are visible in the day-to-day work. Indeed, at RTA “people drive success” and the human potential that exists throughout the organization is our competitive advantage.

Now, after more than 25 years of experiences, RTA counts with 25 multinational highly professional team members shared in 5 offices all around Spain, serving in the language of the clients: English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. Being a DMC reference in Spain, RTA works with clients from all over the world offering a wide range of services as loyalty programs, land arrangements, events production and even important sport events.

Under the leadership of our founder and mentor Maria Grazia Dotti and with relevant involvement of her son Jonathan Schmitt our company carefully grew, building a solid foundation that allowed for future strength and diversity.

Maria-Grazia Dotti, CEO and Founder
Jonathan Schmitt, General Manager