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Sevilla se mueve – Sevilla is on the move

Sevilla is celebrating today the white night «Noche en Blanco”. More than 30.000 persons have taken part at last year edition enjoying more than 60 cultural activities. The challange for the organizers is to improve the third edition of the event and to show the cultural heart of Sevilla to the visitors.

The city is trying to convert this event in an important cultural appointment for the inhabitants and foreign visitors. The Vice president of “Sevilla se mueve” is seeking for a more implication from the local government and he is proud to remark the support of the private and cultural sector during the two last editions.

«Noche en Blanco, Noche de la Cultura» which means White Night, night of Culture this is the slogan that is used since 2012 for this event. Concerts, theater, cultural tours in combination with gastronomy are the perfect mix to give a new perspective of Sevilla during a magic night, the white night.


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