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Re-Discover Sevilla by night!

New Tours and Activities for your Incentive Groups in Sevilla

Theater in the Street, Seville in the Golden century.

A new night visit where the theater goes out to the Street of Seville to move us into the Golden Century. A mix between a participative visit and a Micro theater the spectators will be participating in the adventure and misfortune of the theatrical company in the 16 century. You will learn some of the most famous works of the Spanish literature from the Golden Century.

A night visit at the «Hospital de la Caridad»

We will visit the Charity Hospital, exclusive, in private and just the oil lamps will give us light. We will discover spaces which are closed to the ordinary visitor and learn the rites and secrets of one of the most important fraternities of the city. Life and death mixed to a tenuous ambience which floods the church. We will be able to admire the work of art under the same light which Miquel de Mañara, Valdés Leal, Murillo o Pedro Roldán looked at.

Night visit of the Residence «Las Moradas Santa Terasa»

More than 2000 people have already lived through the unique experience of our theatrical visit of the only monastery founded by Teresa de Jesús in Sevilla, the monastery of San José, to commemorate its centenary. To this occasion we will have the opportunity to realize a night visit.

Night visit Casa de Pilatos

A visit across the legends and the personality who have inhabited this house. In the light of the moon we will discover one of the most mythical spaces of Sevilla and one of the most important nobiliary families of the history of Spain.

A night under the stars at the Cerro del Hierro

We propose to realize a guided visit to Cerro del Hierro where you discover the geological and social history as well as its historic importance. After the visit and the appearance of the new moon night, we will realize a workshop of star observation to discover the stars and the constellation that shape the summer sky in the darkness of the night, in a reservation Starlight.

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