Marbella will celebrate the capital of Haute Cuisine at Hotel Los Monteros

Interview with Mr. Fernando Al-Farkh who is General Manager of Hotel Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort 5* GL.

Marbella is celebrating that it will soon become the capital of haute cuisine. The new 2015 edition of the Michelin Guide has chosen Hotel Los Monteros in Marbella to present on 19th November its newest edition. The General Manager of Hotel Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort, Mr. Fernando Al-Farkh, has revealed his impressions about it and told us the impact of this important gastronomic Event.

RTA: Your hotel is the location chosen for this important presentation. How did you feel about this decision?

Fernando Al-Farkh: Very happy and proud because we know how careful Michelin is when it comes to choose the right Venue as this is a very important day for the company. Above all we are happy because they have chosen Marbella and satisfied and committed to the event to do a good job as we know that this is a great opportunity to promote our hotel and the destination itself.

RTA: Why do you think they have chosen Hotel Los Monteros for this event?

Fernando Al-Farkh: One of the most important aspects was the quality of the services as well as that our hotel is a reference in the history of gastronomy in Marbella. Our hotel opened the first Michelin Restaurant of Spain inside a hotel called “El Corzo” which during the development had 2 Michelin Stars and has always been a reference for Gourmets.

RTA: How are preparing for this gastronomy festival?

Fernando Al-Farkh: There is a maximum discretion about information and communication; that will be given exclusively by Michelin at their discretion. What I can say it that the entire hotel will be at their disposal to make this a great event including our location at La Cabane Beach Club.

RTA: The Hotel Los Monteros will host about 300 relevant people from the gastronomy field. What is the overall impact you are expecting for the hotel?

Fernando Al-Farkh: Gastronomically speaking, we are going to host the most important event that can happen in Spain each year and this is the only moment that brings all Michelin Star cooks together on one spot as well as important figures from cinema, art, politics and press. But surely the real star will be the Michelin Guide and second Marbella.

RTA: Marbella will be the Capital of “Haut Cuisine”. What does this Event mean for the city?

Fernando Al-Farkh: This will definitely be a good proof that Marbella is committed to quality and no doubts about the international promotion of the city and our Hotel Los Monteros.


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