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RTA Moments: Interview with a Teambuilding Company in Mallorca

Demanding concepts for unique Events.

We have spoken to Matthias who is Managing Director at a local Teambuilding Company in Mallorca and he has shown us some interesting point of view about the destination.
His company is one of the leading providers of activities in the Balearic Islands always ensuring a maximum of safety and respect to the environment.

RTA: You are specialized in outdoor activities. How can your experiences add value to the regular Incentive Programs?

Matthias: As you say, we mainly create “experiences”. Mallorca has some breathtaking locations that in combination with an outdoor activity create a long lasting impression. Our guests are normally hard working people, who spend most of their life indoor and are used to high end products like 5 star hotels and gourmet restaurants. Some just want to enjoy the pure beauty of nature, others are looking for an adrenaline rush by a new sport, want to adventure a new activity, that they haven’t done before or just live a unique experience in a team. Outdoor activities deliver emotions, teambuilding, motivation, communication and that’s why we love to combine it with our incentive programs.

RTA: Your products vary from relaxed, easygoing activities to demanding, adrenaline sports. How do you guarantee that your customers get what they were looking for and don’t get bored or overwhelmed?

Matthias: That indeed is the critical part of outdoor programs. To make everybody happy you have to get as much information about the clients as you can. We have to take into consideration their fitness, age, gender, injuries, etc. The more information we have beforehand, the better program we can design for the group. But as a lot of times it is quite difficult to get this information, there is always a backup in case that somebody reaches his physical limits. That can be a car at a bike tour, a zodiac boat at a kayak, an extra guide that is going to make a short cut etc. We only do company programs and know very well the general limits of a group. Normally we organize the programs by the philosophy: “Challenge by choice”.

RTA: During the last years Mallorca has become more and more popular for Incentives. Why is Mallorca the perfect destination to realize your activities?

Matthias: Mallorca is a very mature destination with one of the biggest offer of touristic attractions in the world, taking into consideration its size. You have so many products to choose from and the quality is getting better and better. Examples: high end yacht clubs, car and horse race tracks, 23 golf courses, UNESCO world heritage title, the best caves and canyons in Europe, the sea, nice villages, beautiful beaches, hip beach clubs, high ropes courses, aquarium, stunning event locations like castles, caves, 5 star hotels, museums, 7 Michelin star restaurants, cruise ship terminals, international jet set events etc. I don’t know another place in Europe, where you have so many products to offer, all in a bus- transfer-range of 60 min.

RTA: Mallorca is not a typical location to be visited during the winter period. What activities do you offer during this time of the year?

Matthias: There is still a lot to offer as wine tastings, cooking classes, very good dining, shopping, SPAs, hiking, caving, climbing, cannoning, kart racing, safety driving courses on a race track, horseback riding, jeep rallies, teambuilding workshops like drum sessions, cultural rallies, tapas rallies, ballooning, bike rallies, biking, classic cars, golf programs etc. The list is long 😉 Together with RTA we have worked out and developed really fantastic programs for their demanding clients and they will never forget the experiences we have created for them. They will last for a lifetime!

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