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Shopping in Spain

Christmas is arriving and we would like to show you this video about Spanish shopping options and brands.

Being the world leader in tourism and the second most visited country in the world, the first association with Spain that comes to most minds is beaches and sun. What every first-time visitor of Spain then astonishes, is the incredible diversity of the country. May it be the distinct landscapes, the unique cityscapes with both historical and modern monuments or the great selection of luxury and shopping options. Spain is all this thanks to the diversity of products and destinations.

Fashion and luxury is deeply rooted in the Spanish culture. You can expect nothing less than the highest quality and truly authentic designs. Spanish design lives and evolves for itself and doesn’t try to copy. That’s why Spanish fashion has become a world renowned export good.

The most prestigious brands and the best-known Spanish designers can be found all over the country.

Discover the latest fashion, accessories and jewelry just by strolling through the cities. Choose to get absorbed by the hustle and bustle of the prestigious and luxury shopping avenues like Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona and the Calle Goya in Madrid or explore the endless number of local boutiques and hidden gems in the mazes of the historic old towns.

Shopping in Spain is an experience for itself.

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