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Spain celebrates Summer with a magical night

Spain celebrates the arrival of summer with the typical “Hogueras” at the beach. The festivity takes place from 20th to 24th June surrounded by music, color, fireworks and entertainment, thousands of people take the streets to experience this festival. It is celebrated in many parts of the world but the most important and recognized “Hogueras” are located in Alicante.

First of all, the Night of San Juan is related to ancient traditions and old legends. The ritual was to make a fire in order to «give more power to the sun» because it was becoming «weaker». Today, the protagonist of the celebration are «Las hogueras», the enormous satirical figures of cardboard and wood that go up in flames the last day of the manifestation in the night of the 23th to the 24th of June.

During this week, “barracas” are being set up in the city and offer food and drinks. The beaches are full of bonfires and young people jump over it for, according to the ritual, wash away their transgressions and sins. The Hogueras come with multiple other festivities: parades, offerings of flowers, bullfights, fireworks, music and sport activties.

San Juan in Alicante is recognised as International Tourist Interest and travellers come all around the world to participate in this festivity that symbolise the spanish culture but you can really find people celebrating in all towns at the sea.

Be prepared to a special night! Next year RTA can take you there.

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