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The Run Party; the event in Spain that combines sport and party

Do you like sport?… And party? This is timely, RTA just found an event that combines these. With your DMC in Spain, come participating to “The Run Party”, a new event that you should like.

The Receipt: In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the party and the sport. Gradually add in the music and nice people, stirring to combine. A pinch of flour colour for the taste and shake until smooth: You obtain “The Run Party”.

The perfect event that mixes running session with electronic music. Be prepared to spend an unforgettable night!

This crazy 5 kilometers marathon of half race, half party is accessible to everyone who want to join. The first appointment will be on 4th October at the Parc del Forum in Barcelona and if you miss it? Don’t worry; other appointments will follow in Madrid, Valencia, Ibiza and Bilbao. The Dates have not been confirmed yet.

This nightlife experience combines sport, party, color and even solidarity! In fact, In each purchase, 10% of the price tickets is donated to charities associations… This activity has definitely something for everyone.

The slogan of this meeting “The definitive night running experience. Run It, Feel It, Share It” gives the input: The event it’s not only a question of running but above all a good occasion for meeting people and enjoying in a special environment.

On the top of this, national and international DJs will recreate an interactive event guided by music and light show. Games, musical performances and neon accessories, would be available to every participant.

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