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Tomatoes fight, horses on the beach and street fiesta! Summer in Spain is different!

The sun is shining almost every day, people are sitting on terraces and in restaurants drinking wine or eating tapas, the beachbars are opened until early in the morning thanks to the good weather… These are just a few reasons why Spain attracts millions of visitors every summer.

Summer is also the time where various cultural events take place. By attending them one can experience firsthand the spanish spirit, their culture and love for life at its best.

If you want to enhance your next Incentive or Corporate Event with a fun or cultural note,  RTA as your DMC in Spain will present you in the following a selection of the most popular dates in summer: Festival La Tomatina, Fair of Malaga and Horse Race in Sanlucar.


When: 26 August 2015

Where: Bunol (Valencia)


It is the World’s Biggest Food Fight – every year on the last wednesday in August people from all over the world come to Bunol, a town close to the city Valencia. Shopowners of the town cover their shop front already days before with plastic covers to be prepared for the dirty mess.

On the 26th of August big trucks filled with overripe tomatoes drive into the centre of the town. As soon as one brave soul of the crowd climbs up a two-story-high wooden stole and reaches the covered ham at the top, and the food fight begins. For one hour more than hundred metric tons of tomatoes are being thrown on the streets.



When: 15 until 22 August 2015

Where: Malaga (Andalusia)


Music, flamenco, entertainment and finest local gastronomy… that is what awaits you at the Fair of Malaga (Feria de Malaga), held every year in mid August in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

It is the ultimate celebration of Malaga and thanks to the good weather and atmosphere the perfect time of the year to visit the city. The fair commemorates the  the re-conquest of the city in 1487, when the catholic Kings re-conquered the city that has been in Muslim hands for nearly eight centuries.

Now every year in August it gets inaugaurated with an impressive firework: And the beginning of the debauched celebration and dancing on the streets is marked.



When:  12 until 14 August 2015

Where: Sanlúcar de Marrameda (Andalusia)


Every year the beaches of Sanlucar de Barrameda in the province of Cádiz come alive with the sound of horse hooves as the famous horse races take over the coast.

Officially it dates back to 1845, when the Sociedad de Carreras de Caballos de

Sanlucar de Barrameda was founded. However, everyone knows that locals had already been racing the horses decades before for transporting fish from local ports.

The event attracts riders and spectators from all over Europe, which assemble on the beaches to enjoy the races. But not only for spectators and riders it is an attractive destination. The Riverside at Bajo de Guía does not only impress with its peaceful scene, there are also some excellent restaurants offering delicious local seafood which one can enjoy with a glass of “manzanilla” (fino sherry) in the hand as the sun goes down over Doñana.

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