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Tourism in 3D is here

Nowadays new technologies have big weight in terms of globalization. We can see this example in 3D technology. It is becoming a big weapon for business to penetrate in the wide market or to obtain more market share.

This kind of technology will be showed in a proper Event in Madrid next November 19th and 20th, where people will see some examples or tendencies of the best new technologies and how they will be used for the future. There is an investigation Center in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, where is invested for those new technologies.

There have been discovered new uses for these 3D weapons. One of this is reducing costs, by using Scale Economy, which means build the exact Demand without spend benefits in saving or transport.

Furthermore the European Printing Summit is analyzing where new tendencies can appear or new challenges to invest in this new way of Offer.

One of the proper way to develop this technology is the Tourism. In the future people will be able to enjoy the services offered by the firms without the need of travel or moving of house. Those technologies are not used in this sector yet, but the Canalys analysis claims a gain of the 500% for the next years by using this 3D technology.

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