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Very Important News from the Barcelona Hotel Association

As often happens in other large cities, problems such as those experienced in Barcelona these last days are being projected worldwide with an image that makes them appear more serious and worse than they are. But in reality, the life of the city has been very little or nothing altered. And they have had no real impact on their visitors.
Barcelona services – transportation, catering, trade, sanitary, security, cleaning, etc. – have continued with absolute normality.
The vitality of the citizens has continued to be the same as always, the new cultural season has been vigorously launched with opera premieres, inaugurations of exhibitions and festivals such as the “Sitges Film Festival”.
Barcelona is a well-organized city which has the know-how to organize the most demanding international events. The Barcelona’s brand is a guarantee of success for any international meeting, as it has been highlighted by the European Congress of Cardiology, which brought together 30,000 doctors in early September. Barcelona remains always open as a privileged place for international business exchanges, as per the last Congress of Science, Chemical and Industry.
Our visitors have not stopped talking very well about Barcelona and their enriching experiences and the kindly treatment of the residents.
Barcelona is a hospitable city, one of the Top Twenty safest cities in the world.
We trust that we will soon leave behind exceptional circumstances. This is a strictly political problem and will be redirected through the usual procedures in democratic states, in order to find an adequate solution within a reasonable time.
Professionals within the tourism sector and hotel companies will keep offering to our customers the best attention and services as usual.

Barcelona Hotel Association
October 2017



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