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Visiting Oasis of the Seas, the biggest Cruiseliner of the world

On 22nd and 23rd September the biggest Cruise Liner of the world “Oasis of the Seas” which belongs to the Group Royal Caribbean visited Barcelona.

“Oasis of the seas” has a maximum capacity of 6200 passengers distributed on 16 passenger decks and takes up to 2300 employees to ensure the satisfaction of the clients. This ship is 361.6m long, 60m wide, 72m high above water line and the gross tonnage is 225,282.

The port of Barcelona has 7 international Passenger Terminals and is growing actually to host more impressive Cruise liners in the near future. In May 2013 17 ships visited Barcelona on the same weekend bringing a total amount of 64.000 passengers to the city that spent 6Million Euros.

Recently Barcelona held the international fair “Seatrade Med” and the President of Royal Caribbean Adam Goldstein mentioned the great infrastructure that the port of Barcelona offers. But at the same time in order to host as from next season the ships “Allure of the Seas” and its sister “Oasis of the Seas” it needs more capacity.

RTA can help you if you decide to enjoy the city after your cruise, do transportation to the airport and book your restaurants while you are enjoying Barcelona!

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