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When the robot take the control of a Chinese hotel

The “Pengcheng Space Capsules Hotel” situated in Shenzhen’s Bao’an District in China, features all the facilities a capsule hotel usually has, such as lockers, washrooms and even a laundry room. But it is more than a simple hotel. They developed an innovative concept; nearly a space experience mixed with a futurist environment. The hotel, inspired by the Japanese concept of capsule hotels, combines minimalistic trend and futuristic vibe, which results to be an amazing tourist attraction.

In fact, from doormen to waiters, all your needs are met by cyborg staffs. Every order is computerized; humans just supervise the work of robots. For example, you can order food and drinks from the lounge area using supplied tablet computers and your choices arriving via robot waiter just a few minutes later.

In each capsule, the guests can find a TV, an alarm clock, a light and many other facilities that hotel generally provides. In Japan, capsule hotels are really popular and affordable as well. Loyal to the capsule hotel price, the stay costs only 70 yuan (8€) per person, which is a much cheaper alternative than the Virgin Galactic fly.

From the perspective of the technologic advancement, the human need continue to be fulfilling by machine and innovation. These concepts give us an idea where the incentive and the tourism service goes. This technological progress raises an issue: would you like to be served by machine without any customized service?

But no worry, RTA Group continues to provide you personalized incentive service with a real human staff!

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